Confucius International Education Group

Confucius International Education Group (CIEG) was founded by the 76th descendant of Confucius and the Chairman of World Confucius Foundation, Mr. Kong Lingtao. CIEG has created a unique internationalized “Double Tri-Color” education system, incorporating the advantages of Confucian New Six Arts Institute, British elite education, and American elite education. CIEG's education, through the three nurturing systems of society, school and family, amalgamates the internationalized New Six Arts with the finest curriculums in the world. The internationalized New Six Arts is an elevation of the traditional Confucian Six Arts which are Propriety, Music, Archery, Riding, Reading, and Mathematics. CIEG is committed to the development of whole-student education with international perspective and skills. It is the sponsor of inheriting and promoting Chinese culture and Confucian Educational philosophy, and a pioneer in China's international elite education in terms of researching and developing international high quality education resources to combine the merits of both Chinese and Western education.
The Origin of Confucius:
The Nobel Prize Winner Conference (1988) in Paris concluded that “If mankind is to survive, it must go back 25 centuries in time to tap the wisdom of Confucius”.
Emerson, the famous American philosopher, believed that “Confucius is the pride of all the nations of the world”.
Confucius (551-479 BCE) was the greatest thinker, political figure, educator, and founder of the Ru School (Confucianism) of Chinese thought. His teachings, preserved in the “Analects,” form the foundation of much of the subsequent Chinese speculation on education. According to Chinese tradition, Confucius edited “The Book of Poetry,” “The Book of History,” revised “The Classic of Rites,” “The Book of Music,” prefaced “Zhou Yi” and wrote “Spring and Autumn Annals.” Confucius devoted his whole life to education and had more than 3,000 disciples and 72 sage followers. He was named as "The Most Sage Venerated Late Teacher" and "Role Model for Teachers through the Ages.”

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