Confucius International School

Confucius International School Cheng Du is the full-time international boarding school founded by Confucius International Education Group in Southwest China.
The predecessor of Confucius International School Cheng Du (CISCD) is Chengdu Anren Middle School which was a famous middle school build up around 1945-1947 by Wencai Liu spent approximately two million dollars with over 60 years history which is located in ancient town of Anren. The campus keeps the architecture style of Anren ancient town. It is truly a beautiful “garden school” full of history and culture with a rate of green coverage over 52%. The campus is divided into 6 areas based on Confucius Internationalized New Six Arts: “Li, Yue, She, Yu, Shu', Shu.” The campus has perfect facilities and teaching resources.
Moreover, school applies the most advanced education system, Tri-Color2 as the fundamental operating system which involves “Internationalized New Six Arts” of Confucian origin, British and America Education. 
Students will be educated as elite students, embued with spirit of confidence, leadership, self-discipline and teamwork.
Students of CISCD are bound to make a difference, both as pioneers, and as elite leaders of China, through their demonstration of excellence on the international academic level.

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