Internationalized New Six Arts

Internationalized New Six Arts is an innovative educational philosophy created by Mr. Kong Lingtao. It is based on the research of Confucius' educational philosophies and beliefs, integrated with Western education. It is the education goal and operating strategy designed to allow modern Chinese international schools to cultivate elite students who will be ready to face the fiercely competitive challenges and harmonious development on the global stage. The Classical Confucius Six Arts will be shining again after 2500 years.

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“Li,”which has the implication of moral standards and values, includes moral cultivation, social consciousness, legal concept, self-discipline, international rites and culture. Students are required to strive for the highest overall moral standards.
Through events like Confucius Worshiping Ceremony, Ancient Adulthood Ceremony, Oscar Red Carpet School Opening Ceremony, Morality Cultivation Forum, Business Etiquette Course, Public Charity, Mock Court, etc., we help students establish correct values, enhance national pride and sense of social responsibility. All of these things will lead our students to embrace their country and the world so that regardless of where they travel, our students will promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. 



“Yue”has the implication of more than just music. It includes all artistic accomplishments including music appreciation, drama performance, poetry, painting, graphic design, dancing, performance, and appreciation of film. 
We provide various opportunities to expose students to fine arts by establishing an “art palace” in courses of music appreciation, drama performance, painting, graphic design, dancing, and film appreciation. Eastern and Western art history are studied to cultivate students' souls, edifying their sentiments, and enhancing students' talents in order to cater to the future requirements of international elite education.



“She”has the implication of all skills and methods of competition including the athletic sports and team competition.
The team spirit, cohesive force and training practical abilities, physical quality, social ability and social public welfare will be cultivated through competitive sports such as athletics, gentle sports, outward bound training, and team activities.
The school introduces mechanisms for team competition when teaching management. For example, students are managed in Four Houses: Kong, Meng, Yan, Zeng to learn competition, Chinese kungfu, golf, horse riding, and outward bound training. The school also organizes individual and team competitions and encourages students to join a broad range of rich and colorful extracurricular activities. This allows our students to engage in the parallel development of their academic and social abilities by practicing a well-balanced education and maximizing their potential to be an elite leader in the future. 



"Yu”demonstrates elite students' force of control, including leadership, self-confidence, and self-discipline. Riding cultivates planning-innovating-executing, teamwork abilities, and leadership.
The house system has been introduced to teach management in order to create a system for competition. The provision of courses such as leadership, business management, time management, literacy programs, team debate competition and the development of independent thinking, coordination and ability to innovate can enhance students' self-confidence and mental literacy.



“Shu”refers to the interpretation of ancient and modern East-West cultural exchange and cultural integration. The idea is to guide students to acquire a rich cultural heritage, enhance knowledge, improve conservation, teach Eastern and Western languages, culture, calligraphy, literature appreciation, history, and philosophy. Culture is the nation's food for thought. It is the key to whole-person development. Courses on the following topics can be offered: calligraphy, writing, economics, philosophy, history, human geography, English, French, Korean and other foreign languages. In addition, cultural activities can be organized for both Chinese and foreign festivals, anniversaries, and other events. By doing this, students can become globally-minded citizens.



“Shu”refers to the sense of rational thinking and natural science, which also has implications of exploring natural science, improving abilities of analyzing and solving problems, teaching mathematics, logistics, operational research and modern information technology.
In the learning system, subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, ICT, and Economics will be offered at IGCSE and A-LEVEL, with SAT, and AP courses being considered. College counseling services will also be provided for students. Logistics, critical thinking, scientific and technological knowledge, and life skills will also be offered. 

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