Confucius International Education Group unique internationalized
"Double Tri-Color" education system


Education System

CIEG's Tri-Color Education System includes Confucian New Six Arts Institute, British education and American education. When combined these three systems produce the synergized effect of quality mainstream education abroad and essential traditional Chinese cultural education. These principles are embedded in the education of students to facilitate each student's whole development. CIEG's education system inherits the essence of the Ancient Six Arts and traditional Chinese culture, incorporating the advantages of Chinese and Western education, and paves the way for elite education. This distinctive system reflects what is best about China with unique concepts to help more Chinese students to access and participate on the world stage and demonstrate brilliant qualities at the highest level.

Cultivating System

CIEG's Tri-Color System integrates school, family and society. The school implements “whole person education,” cultivating students' confidence, self-discipline, leadership and team spirit. The family component encourages parents to lead by example and support the school's educational philosophy. The society aspect encourages students to take an active interest in public charity and practice to further foster a sense of social responsibility remembering “even the humblest citizen knows his duty to his country.” These three educational elements complement each other and bring about the synergistic effect conducive to fostering elite students who are grateful to their school, who care about the family, and are concerned about society.
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